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A Yoga in Space... yoga on the Space Station Lotus 1

"There's 'space' for awareness in space"   from 'A Yoga in Space'

 This story originally appeared as an article that I wrote for Daniel Pinchbeck's website 'Reality Sandwich' called 'A Yoga in Space' about yoga on a Space Station.    Yoga asanas were actually first performed in space by a Russian Cosmonaut from India in 1984... so its not as far out an idea as some might think... especially with the burgeoning private space tourist business about to be launched by Sir Richard Branson and others.... who all have plans for private space stations.

 See quote from and link to the 'A Yoga in Space' article below.... 

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"It's been an amazing journey up to the new station what with my head pointed out the window the whole time like a first time visitor to the Louvre... I just couldn't take my eyes off the 'Art'!   And art it is indeed!   No random mistake, the earth.   You couldn't take it for that if you tried from this altitude.  Only an earth bound... no, mind bound view could have come up with that explanation.   It's a masterpiece!   Intelligence swirling and circulating over every inch.   It moves!   It's no 'rock'... and it floats... in Infinity!   Unbelievable!   And infinity is not random either... just staring at it... you can't even fathom... no place to 'land' in the mind!   You can't even define it... you wouldn't even want to define it... it's beyond definition... it informs you!   Freedom from the need to define... that's the best I can do in words.   Non-verbal, unspoken, deep... deep satisfaction... that's what infinity is.   It's "liberation from definition!".   I could die right now and it would have been worth the risk.   I 'die' a little more every time I gaze at it and I still can't get enough of it.   I couldn't imagine the earth without infinity.  Now that would be a dead planet!"   Journal entry one.   10:23pm  GMT,  11/19/15 -- on Station Lotus 1."

See 'A Yoga in Space' linked here:

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A link below on improving bone density with yoga.  Deteriorating bone density is another side effect of the weightless environment of space which is one more reason to practice in space.

See this link for the DVD "Health and the Human Energy Field"... which is about the first Western scientific recording of the human energy field by a Phd in Physiology at UCLA...

Some of the advantages of yoga in space vs conventional exercise pointed out in the article are:

1) No exercise equipment needed - this is especially important on a smaller, crowded Commercial Space Station.  So no maintenance and more room for the crew which is a quality of life issue.   At the very least, yoga would be an invaluable backup if the exercise equipment failed on a long term spaceflight... such as to Mars.

2) Lower breath rate with yoga reduces stress on environmental systems.

3) Better sleep patterns - so a more rested crew.   Also helps the body and mind align with the natural circadian rhythms.

4) Stress reduction - crucial for long term space flight

5) Yoga raises situational awareness - so a more alert and rested crew is a safety enhancement.

6) Greater potential for data collection on health parameters - this could eventually be a major scientific research project with enormous health benefits back on earth.

7) Yoga improves bone density as well as muscle mass which is a problem in long term weightless environments.   This would be particularly important in long flights to Mars which would require the individuals to work at full strength on arrival as there would be no room for a long term recuperation in such an alien and demanding environment.   So it would improve their ability to 'hit the ground running'... so to speak.

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